The Eden Clinic strives to educate and inform the community about the issues of Crisis Pregnancy, Abortion, Pregnancy Wellness, and Women's Healthcare. Part of that effort is supplying you with the Resources you need and want to know the facts about the issues we see young women facing every day. 


Sanctity of Human Life
Sanctity of Human Life is each January with one Sunday designated at Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. 

What is Sanctity of Human Life? 

Sanctity of Human Life 2021 Posters     8.5x11   11x17


Baby Bottle Project
Hosting a Baby Bottle Project is one of the most important and poignant ways a church can introduce their congregation to the issue of Crisis Pregnancy and Abortion, while helping support a Christian ministry that addresses those issues daily and by the thousands annually. 

The Baby Bottle Project is open throughout the year so churches can schedule their Project when it fits best into their calendar. One of the best times of the year is in January when celebrating the Sanctity of Human Life. 

Statistics and Other Facts
Since 2012, The Eden Clinic has served the medical needs of almost 10,000 women in various ways. Some of our young women were Abortion-minded when they initially walked through our doors. Most were seeking pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and since 2018, women's healthcare at rate they can afford. But many were ultimately seeking acceptance and a loving heart to help them through a time of crisis. 

Local Social Service Resources
Helping our patients goes far beyond the examination and ultrasound rooms. Many of our patients need other services that we can't provide, but we are able to connect them with services within our service communities.