We Have to Move!

We are facing a situation that we were not expecting. By the end of June 2020, we must be out of the building we are currently using. We need to raise funds for a new location in Norman. Why? Please watch the video from the Executive Director that explains why.

CLARIFICATION NOTE: We apologize to the church that owns the building we are currently using if we have misrepresented their stand on birth control.  We must clarify that they do not disapprove of oral hormonal contraceptives, their disapproval is that we prescribe contraceptives to unmarried patients.


Personalize your Message on a Tile!

Sponsor a Tile

The Message Wall

If you could send a message to a young woman considering abortion, what would you say? 

For a donation of $1,000 you can share your message of hope on a 6" x 6" tile to be placed on our Message Wall and also help Eden find a new home!  You have 5 lines  (20 characters each) for a message, your name and/or business. Click the purple 'sponsor a tile' button above to give. Thank you so much!

If you would like to send a check, please mail to: 

PO Box 669
Norman, OK 73069


Get Your Church Involved!

If you believe in the mission of the Eden Clinic and want your church to help with the Rise Up Building Campaign to raise funds for a building, please contact Linda at the link below for details 

Email Linda


Every Donation Counts!

I Want to Support Eden Clinic

If you want to support Eden Clinic as we make this move to a new facility, but you're not interested in sponsoring a tile at this time, you can make a donation online. Just remember to filter for "Rise Up Building Campaign" when completing the online giving form. 

If you would like to send a check, please mail to: 

PO Box 669
Norman, OK 73069